77 T H E P O W E R O F P O S S I B I L I T Y NISC’s new cloud-based software. iVUE Connect is accessible on tablets and mobile devices, providing the ultimate flexibility. Matthews asks Freeman how she feels about the current system she uses. “What are your biggest frustrations?” “All the different screens to find the answers I need,” Freeman says. “I can’t access one place to access everything.” Matthews prompts Freeman to click Start Service Order on the prototype. A screen appears with simple boxes that can be used to set up electric, internet and television service. Multiple service options are becoming more common as NISC Members enter new realms. NineStar is a case in point — the 2011 merger of an electric and a telecom co-op. CHAPTER FOUR AnEnterpriseofExcellence John Jones just moved into 123 Main Street, and he wants electric service, internet and television. As Angie Freeman, a Customer Service Representative at NineStar Connect in Greenfield,Indiana,settlesinfrontofthecomputerscreen,shewondershowcomplicated it will be to complete a new service order for Jones. Will he need to pay a deposit? Will he understand the difference between a basic bundle and the premium version? Will it be easy to schedule his installation? Or will John Jones need to call back to make this happen? Freeman looks at the sky-blue bars on the screen and its clickable tabs, as the cursor hovers in the white space beyond John Jones’ name. Laura Matthews, User Experience Manager at NISC, is sitting by Freeman’s side to gauge how she responds. John Jones is a fictitious customer, but this exercise will help shape the future of customer service at NineStar and hundreds of other Member offices. Freeman is helping to evaluate a prototype of some new customer care and billing functions in iVUE Connect,