67 A COOPERATIVE SPIRIT CHAPTER THREE Members moved from Horizon to iVUE and later as NISC introduced the Accounting and Business Solutions (ABS) functionality. Each version posed distinct challenges. The ABS software relied on Horizon as a platform, so the imple- mentation was a bigger adjustment for former CAPS users. Kris Pegors, a Team Lead for Member Support, recalls a race against time when software was ready to be released. “We had 12 of us in a room in the basement of Building C [in Mandan], mass-testing software to release it,” she says. NISC continued to support Horizon and CAPS as Members gradually converted to iVUE. Some were at first reluctant to make the change; others anxiously awaited their turn. The last Member with a legacy system switched to iVUE in 2012. Developers continuously update iVUE to keep pace with changing Member needs. While the original iVUE software contained 6 million lines of code, today that has grown to “The work that you do, the creativity and innovation that you bring to your jobs each and every day, ends up making a difference in the lives of people all over this country, and so I want to thank you for that.” — JO ANN EMERSON NATIONAL RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION