127 2010 Computer Systems LLC in Shawano, Wisconsin, acquired. 2011 Cooperative Cloud deploys to support Meter Data Management System (MDMS) readings. Member test sites receive SmartHub, NISC’s first end consumer facing application and first mobile application. Quintrex Data Systems in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, acquired. 2012 iVUE AppSuite for Engineering and Operations launches. In 2014, AppSuite would expand to meet enterprise needs and launch on iOS and Android mobile devices. Palau National Telecommunications Corporation joins NISC, expanding the international Membership list. 2014 NISC staff comprises over 1,000 individuals for the first time. Help Desk International (HDI) recognizes NISC as an HDI Elite Top 50 company for customer satisfaction rankings for service and support. 2015 iVUE Connect: Service deploys to development partner sites, providing a role-based, intuitive design for customer service representative tasks and processes. Wired Differently, written by Vern Dosch, Wally Goulet and Tracy Finneman, highlights NISC’s culture based on the cooperative model, servant leadership and shared values. 2016 iVUE AppSuite Annual Meeting enables cooperative Members to easily register and track attendance at their annual meetings via iPads. Facility expansion of 44,000 square feet is completed at Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, campus. Facility expansion of 33,000 square feet is completed at Mandan, North Dakota, campus. Member growth sets new record with 1 million consumer accounts added. Automated Mailroom Services sets new record of processing over 20 million images per month. 2017 NISC Payment Gateway processes over 97,000 payments daily. Member Information Conference moves to a one-week format, attended by over 2,300 individuals. With the addition of Borough of Butler in Butler, New Jersey, as a Member, NISC serves Members in all 50 states. Research and development budget surpasses $37 million.