27 T H E P O W E R O F P O S S I B I L I T Y Hundreds of pages of paper need scanning at Great Plains Communications in Blair, Nebraska. The repetitive action saves minutes that add up to hours, turning slips that could easily be misplaced into electronic images attached to customer accounts. A simple click retrieves every bill or notice or service order. No more searching manually through file drawers. NISC’s Document Vault™ software enables a seamless, paperless process. APartnershipBuiltonTrust But just as waiting 30 seconds to load a webpage can seem like an eternity, setting up each scan feels cumbersome, says Nick Johnson, Great Plains Systems Engineer. Check stubs take up a half-page. Some bills or purchase orders have a front and back. Employees in different departments must repeat the same steps to set up the templates for their scanners. Johnson couldn’t help but think that a tweak to the software would make the process quicker. He would never have reached out to Microsoft or Apple or any other software company about a minor annoyance, but NISC is different. He sees NISC as a partner, in the truest sense of the word. “As soon as I start implementation, I always tell them [Members], if there’s something you find in the software that doesn’t meet your needs, and you think it would be better for other Members too, you can bring it to my attention for an enhancement request,” says NISC Professional Services Consultant Michelle Gangl. Taking Gangl’s words to heart, Johnson suggested a way to create scanning templates that could easily be shared among employees and across departments. Gangl presented the idea to a Change Review Committee, a group of programmers and subject matter experts on Document Vault, and they agreed. A few months later, a software update provided group CHAPTER TWO