124 1966 Electronic Data Processing (EDP), a division of the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, is established by the North Dakota statewide associations serving electric and telephone cooperatives. 1967 Central Area Data Processing Corporation (CADP) incorporates on August 23. 1968 North Central Data Cooperative (NCDC) incorporates on April 26, purchasing Electronic Data Processing division assets from North Dakota Rural Electric and Rural Telephone Association. Serving 35 organizations. KEM Electric Cooperative Inc., Verendrye Electric Cooperative and Consolidated Telephone, all of North Dakota, recognized as pilot co-ops for NCDC. All three continue as NISC Members today. Jim Lockley, former EDP employee, hired as first CADP General Manager. CADP’s first programmer, Terry Tuttle, moves to Washington, D.C., to work on systems design and development with staff at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), including John Mathews. Mathews would later work for CADP, including serving as General Manager in the late 1970s. 1969 Nolin Rural Electric Cooperative, Kentucky, and Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Ohio, are two of the first sites to process customer billings using CADP software. They continue as NISC Members today. NCDC introduces trouble ticket reporting for Telecom Members. TIMELINE 1966-2017 NISC 1970 CADP and NCDC staff work with NRECA staff on initial program analysis and design and provide Payroll/Labor Distribution, Service Interruption, Engineering Load Studies and Material Inventory to rural electric Members. Common reference used for NCDC and CADP is regional data centers. 1973 Interest grows in regional data centers: 200,000 consumer accounts served by NCDC; 360,000 consumer accounts served by CADP. 1974 Eight rural electrics served by United Data Processing, a regional center in Pennsylvania, elect to join CADP. 1975 Forerunner to today’s Member Information Conference, Fall Seminars held in St. Louis for CADP Members. First week’s unexpected attendance of 95 individuals causes new location to be selected for Week 2 of seminar. All regional data center managers meet in North Dakota. 1976 CADP staff relocates from University City, Missouri, office to new facility in St. Peters, Missouri. Houses Missouri staff until May 2005. 1977 CADP hits milestone of serving Members representing in total 1 million consumer accounts. 1978 NCDC staff visits CADP office to exchange ideas on production operations. Member-loan program initiated to assist with NCDC development expenses. 1979 On-line system launches at first CADP Member site, allowing inquiring and data transmissions throughout the day. Ray Clouse, NCDC Services Representative, is hired by Board of Directors as NCDC General Manager. CADP distributes first capital credit checks, totaling $37,000.