118 Kevin Anderson Alan Augustin Linda Bass John Baucom Julie Bennett Troy Bernhardt Chris Beste Char Bono Larry Corder Gary Derby Brian Derrington Dennis Dolan Vern Dosch Debbie Eggering Steve Engel Char Feigitsch Lori Finnerty Ronda Fox Mike Haldaman Bonnie Haupt Chris Henrich Keith Horntvedt Susan Hutchason Lois Ihle Suzanne Isbell Jack Johnson Lenora Kenner Corey Kurtz John Lewis Terry Lyon Tom Materi Randy Miller Margo Miller Mark Momerak Mel Monroe Rex Moorman NISC Employee Service While many technology companies may struggle to keep staff, NISC works to maintain a culture that enables employees to continue to find fulfillment in choosing a career with NISC. Sincere appreciation is extended to the following 64 individuals who will have achieved 30 years or more of service to NISC by the end of 2018.