115 A SPIRIT OF INNOVATION CHAPTER FIVE Iowa, has a solar-panel roof that enables it to be “net-zero,” selling back as much energy to the grid as it uses. Kauai Island Utility Cooperative in Hawaii, an NISC Member, is a national leader in the generation of renewable energy. It has a goal of providing 70 percent of the island’s energy needs through solar, wind, biomass and hydropower by 2030. Pedernales Electric Cooperative in Johnson City, Texas, NISC’s largest Member, is building solar sites that will Dosch felt compelled to address the question in a podcast on the company’s social media platform, the NISC Community. “At NISC, our goal has been a passionate, determined and urgentdrivetoimproveourproducts,ourservicetoourMembers and the environment we create for our employees,” he said. NISC has done better than its competitors at achieving that goal, and that’s why it continues to grow and build market share, he explained. “We cannot stop this relentless pursuit of perfection. We cannot settle for good enough, because if we do, we’ll become complacent, and in my opinion, compla- cency will kill an organization.” As NISC moves closer to its goals, the bar moves higher. The next 50 years will bring new innovations and relation- ships. It will require just as much dedication, focus and devotion to service. “The sense of excellence and doing more than is expected — and doing the right thing, always — is top of mind for us and is rooted in our culture. It is who we are,” he reminded employees. “Let’s never let up. Let’s never be satisfied and never stop our journey to great. “Thanks for listening. I appreciate you. –Vern.” produce up to 15 megawatts of power. About 11 percent of the power Peder- nales distributed in 2016 came from renewable sources. NISC’s technology enables those new ventures — and not just through the billing software. With NISC technology, co-ops can analyze their data to determine how to integrate renewable energy sources into their grid. “We become an enabler of technology,” says Vern Dosch. A solar farm in Clinton County Electric’s service territory, near Breese, Illinois, assists with energy needs for its nearly 6,000 members. In 2017, over 70 NISC Utility Members provided for community solar projects.