Quintrex Data Systems Corp. the Power of Possibility For those unfamiliar with the concept of cooperatives, an early rule to remember is that your customers are also your owners, and NISC places that dictum front and center every day. NISC Members know that as owners of the Cooperative their thoughts are welcome and are considered an integral part of how business is done. All Members, regardless of the number of consumers they serve, reap the benefits of powerful technology solutions with NISC’s commitment to the cooperative business model. As you read The Power of Possibility you’ll learn about NISC’s Shared Values and how they guide employees to do the right thing every day. In return, NISC rewards its employees with power of their own — the power to grow in so many different ways and in time of need, knowing their employer has their back. Small wonder the turnover at NISC is below the national average for a technology company and that it is often named one of the best places to work in the industry, city and the various states where they have a footprint. More than anything, in reading The Power of Possibility, you’ll see that it’s the power of people — from the original incorporators and pioneering cooperatives to today’s Members, Board of Directors, leadership team and employees — that moved an organization from a possibility to a successful reality destined to achieve well beyond its first 50 years.