51 Vernon Kvernum NCDC Leland Leatherman CADP Darin LaCoursiere NISC Czar Langston CADP Paul Lenaburg CADP Al Lenerville NCDC George Letellier NCDC Wayne Livermont NCDC Robert Loth NISC Glenn Luther CADP Bob Mace NCDC Jim Mangum CADP, NISC Wayne Martian NISC Hal Maynard CADP John M. McBride CADP Dan McClendon CADP, NISC Lyle McCormick CADP Herbert Meschke NCDC Michael “Mickey” Miller CADP, NISC Perry Miller CADP S.J. Miller NCDC Leon Mocek CADP Thomas Moore NCDC A.D. Mueller CADP Curtis Nash CADP Richard Newland NCDC Dan O’Brien CADP, NISC A.N. Omtvedt NCDC Harry Oswald CADP Charles Overman CADP James Pauley CADP Robert Pflager NCDC, NISC Frank Podolak NCDC M.K. Presswood CADP Clyde Ramsey CADP Jerry Reinhard NCDC Jim Richards NCDC Loren Richards NCDC Jim Riddle CADP Robert L. Roberts CADP Clyde Rodolph Jr. CADP Charles Ross CADP Reginal Rudolph NISC Charles Russell CADP, NISC Wayne Russell CADP Thorval Sautter NCDC Ron Salyer NISC G.L. Scaggs CADP Leroy Schecher NCDC Robert Schuster CADP James Scott CADP Larry Scott CADP Richard Seger CADP Don Severson CADP Ernest Shearer CADP Delbert Smith CADP, NISC Gentry Smith CADP J.K. Smith CADP John Smith CADP, NISC James Somrak CADP Norwood Speight CADP Fred Stone CADP Kenneth Stone CADP Dennis Tachick CADP Clem Tharp CADP Kirk Trede NISC Carl Turner NCDC Robert Vander Pluym CADP James Vann CADP Gary Voigt CADP Anton “Jerry” Wall NCDC William S. Wall NCDC David Weaklend CADP, NISC Clarence Welander NCDC John Wheeler NCDC W.D. Whelche NCDC C. Wayne Whitaker CADP, NISC Carl Williams CADP Jerry Williams CADP, NISC Lonnie Williams NCDC W. Chester Wingard CADP Don Wood CADP Donald Wozniak CADP, NISC Darold Wulfekoetter CADP Roger Yoder CADP, NISC Jack Young CADP, NISC Howard Zahller NCDC Marion Zink CADP In 2001, the NISC Board of Directors, along with CEO Gary Hobson (right) and COO Vern Dosch (left), break ground at the Mandan, North Dakota, campus for a facility expansion. The NISC Board of Directors was the first to use NISC’s Meeting Agenda app, CalltoOrder®, in 2012. The app runs on an iPad, providing a paperless agenda and the ability to access supplementary materials, highlight text and make notations, search and perform other tasks. As of 2017, over 475 organizations use CalltoOrder®.