56 SHARED VALUES NISC promotes professional development through “lattice moves,” or opportunities to move throughout the organization either in a promotion or laterally to a comparable position in a different division or team. In an Personal Development SUPERVISORS COACH EMPLOYEES ON THEIR PATH John Alls was two weeks shy of his 18th birthday when he came to work for CADP on the overnight shift of mailroom services. He loaded paper and envelopes into trays, made sure the machines were properly inserting the bills and arranged the mailings in postal trays. For Alls, it was a foot in the door of the place he wanted to be. “I was willing to work in an entry-level position in hopes that someday I could move up into something more technical,” he says. Today, Alls is a Team Lead for Member Support, managing the rollout of NISC’s latest signature product, iVUE Connect®. In 19 years at NISC, he has worked in various roles, including as a Support Analyst and a Product Manager. His story illustrates NISC’s commitment to help employees reach their professional goals — to its shared value of personal development. As Alls explains, “If you work hard and you’re willing to do the right thing, they always make sure there’s an opportunity for growth.” One of the first iVUE classes at NISC in 2003. Since rolling out iVUE, NISC has trained thousands of Members in its use. Keith Horntvedt (standing) leads a training class at NCDC. Horntvedt is now Senior Manager of Professional Services for NISC. John Alls, at an employee celebration in 1999, and later at the 2016 Member Information Conference, is an example of NISC’s commitment to career-long continuing personal development.