The Power of Possibility — 50 Years of Innovation and Member Service is the unique story of how two regional technology cooperatives, Central Area Data Processing (CADP) and North Central Data Processing (NCDC), formed, competed and then came together to create National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC). The merger was hatched by the CADP and NCDC CEOs on a long car ride, and the years since have created a highly successful, national-in-reach, technology cooperative dedicatedtoservingindependenttelephonecompanies, electric cooperatives and other public power entities. In truth, the “Power” refers to many things. The power of a company to bring efficiencies to its Members, whether they be efficiencies of scale, talent, technology, products or services. It’s also the power that is transferred to the end users, the consumers who receive service from the Member systems themselves, the millions of home and business owners who now have access to more information and flexibility over their electric and telephone services. the Power of Possibility continued Innovation and Member Service years of Cybersecurity Services Cybersecurity Services Cybersecurity Services Cybersecurity Services