50 BOARD SERVICE Larry Adams CADP, NISC Herman Antle CADP Marv Athey CADP, NISC Chet Aubin CADP, NISC C.W. Ausborn NCDC A. Dean Austin NCDC Larry Austin CADP, NISC Robert Axmaker NCDC Thomas Barker Jr. CADP Harry Barnes NISC Clarence Beck CADP William Bledsoe NCDC Lester Blomberg NCDC Mark Bonner Jr. CADP Ted Brewer CADP Vernon Brinkley CADP, NISC Ron Brothen NCDC, NISC John Browning CADP A.C. Burrows CADP Shirley Cairns NISC Larry Carlson NCDC, NISC B. Maynard Christensen NCDC Jeff Churchwell NISC Lee Roy Cole CADP Bill Comings NCDC James Cox CADP Duane Cummings NCDC Howard Cummins CADP Kenneth Dahms NCDC John Davenport CADP Wallace Dillon CADP Fred Dohrmann NCDC, NISC George Donaldson NCDC Duane Duba NCDC Bill Duncan CADP Randy Ethridge CADP W. C. Farris NCDC Joseph Fellin CADP Paul Freude NCDC, NISC David Fricke CADP Duane Gackle NCDC, NISC Charles Gelsinger NCDC Robert Gens NCDC Dale Gibbs CADP Robert Goldenstein NCDC Edward Grange NCDC Harry Grube CADP Ron Hale CADP P.R. Hall Jr. CADP Robert Hansen NCDC Joe Harris CADP, NISC Ed Hasnerl CADP Merlin Haugestuen NCDC Ken Hazelwood CADP Andrew Headland NCDC T.J. Henderson NCDC Harold Hermann NCDC Lawrence Hinz NISC Orville Hochgraber NCDC Dean Hodges CADP Charles Holcomb CADP H. Dale Hooker CADP Glen Hootman CADP Maynard Horntvedt NCDC Kelly Hutchens CADP Jack Hutchinson CADP George Jackson NCDC Gary Johnson NISC Howard “Bud” Johnson NCDC, NISC Wayne Johnson CADP Noel Jones CADP Vernon Jutila NCDC James Kiley CADP Bruce King CADP, NISC George King NCDC Jack Kirkpatrick CADP Larry Knegendorf NCDC, NISC Ransom Knutson NCDC Michael Krause CADP Dale Kuhn CADP NISC Board Directors – Past and Present Overseeing NISC is a board of 14 Directors representing and advocating for the interests of NISC’s Utility and Telecom Members. Utility Directors are nominated by NISC Members in their district, elected by all Utility Members and serve three-year terms. Communication Directors are nominated and elected at large by all Telecom Members. To be elected to NISC’s Board, candidates must be a Chief Executive Officer, General Manager or Director of an NISC Member. Special appreciation to these individuals who have served and helped NISC achieve this milestone of 50 years. Districts indicate Energy Director districts. In addition, four Directors from Telecom Member sites serve on the Board as at-large districts. Sue Johnston, Executive Support Specialist, assists NISC Board Directors.