Internet & Video Video Production Web Design Social Media Stories shared by NISC Members, and in some cases their consumers, on how they use NISC’s solutions  to overcome a business challenge or meet a need are central to helping other Members understand NISC’s value to an organization. Videos are shared on NISC’s YouTube channel, at meetings and on the NISC Community and website. Each year, NISC communications staff visits Member sites to interview them and highlight how technology and NISC solutions help them daily. As technology has progressed, having a presence on the web has become increasingly important. CADP and NCDC websites were introduced in 1996. In 2005, NISC adopted the address to reflect its cooperative roots. The website continues to evolve today with the growth of NISC and its expanded solutions featuring videos, product information and news and reflecting web trends with a focus not only on user experience, but user engagement. Originally launched as a way to promote NISC to prospective employees in 2008, NISC’s social media presence has since grown tremendously, creating an avenue to connect and engage with Members, employees and communities around the country on a variety of topics, from culture, industry trends and Member news to natural disasters, community events and calls to action. NISC is currently active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr and Instagram.