61 A COOPERATIVE SPIRIT CHAPTER THREE health risk. He began tracking the food he ate, visited a gym for the first time ever and started working with a personal trainer. He lost 80 pounds. “It’s kind of a wake-up call,” says Cordeal. “I was inspired by the focus on wellness at NISC.” Today, Cordeal serves on the Wellness Committee to create programs that will similarly motivate his co-workers to seek a healthier lifestyle. Gazing at this marvel of design and construction, Deb Burke, then Utility Implementations Team Lead and now Manager of Professional Services, leaned over to Wilbanks and asked, tongue in cheek, “So how many do you have in your project plan that are going to die?” As planned, the two legs of the Gateway Arch joined in the middle, and no one died. Likewise, the iVUE team came together and worked through their differences. Not that it was always easy. When the team conducted a gap analysis of the customer care and billing (and later, accounting) software, it sounded to some like criticism of the legacy product. They spent two days hashing out what the search box and results should look like. They spent hours debating how a column should be labeled or whether a decimal point should be fixed or entered each time by an end user. Employees can track wellness efforts (such as those shown by NISC VPs here) through a website and can receive additional contributions to their Health Savings Account.