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Winter Weather – I am Kind of a Big Deal – You Know

Posted by:  on Dec 04, 2013

It’s early December and I am sitting in my office—it’s a nice 57 degrees outside, however, this time tomorrow it will be below freezing. With this drop in temperature most of the country is getting ready for some type of precipitation, whether snow, rain or somewhere in-between. Now is a good time to review your […]


Be the One that Got Away

Posted by:  on Dec 02, 2013

Most of you may know the story: Person receives an email from their financial institution. It looks like their usual emails, complete with logo and official looking verbiage, so the person clicks the link and logs in to what they believe is the institution’s website. And the security breach begins. The link within the email […]


This New Gizmo Will Catch Your Eye

Posted by:  on May 13, 2013

Daily, new devices roll out of the “gizmosphere,” hyped with promises big and small.  More often than not, they elicit a “seen-that-done-that,” or “Are they crazy,” reaction. That’s how I felt about Google Glass, the spectacles that promise a usable and wearable network connection.  I ho-hummed the latest Google thing until I watched the Google […]


Recognizing the Generous Hearts of NISC’s Employees

Posted by:  on Apr 04, 2013

One of my favorite things about working at NISC is the selfless generosity of our employees.  It reminds me of this reflection on an attitude of gratitude: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can […]


One Plus One Equals Three

Posted by:  on Feb 12, 2013

This past week, the members of the two national associations representing independent telecom systems wisely voted to unify their organizations and efforts. The member votes, cast in early February at the combined annual meetings of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) and the Organization for the Protection and Advancement of Small Telephone Companies (OPASTCO), signals […]


NISC Ahead of the Curve: Innovations for Tomorrow, Today

Posted by:  on Jan 28, 2013

The Rural Telecom Industry Meeting and Expo is just a week away. NISC will have a very strong presence at the conference, and our entire focus will be on you. Our goal is to bring you innovations that will increase efficiencies, empower your customers and distance your telecom from the competition. Please plan to join […]


Doing More With Less: An Industry Theme That NISC Supports

Posted by:  on Jan 18, 2013

As we move into 2013, there seems to be a greater emphasis on costs. Whether it is operational cost or capital expenditures, magazines, websites, blogs and seminars are focused on the expense side of the operation. If you take a look at issues of NTCA’s Rural Telecom magazine and NRECA’s RE Magazine from this past […]


The Dog Days of Summer

Posted by:  on Aug 23, 2012

You may have often heard the term the “Dog Days of Summer,” which are typically used in reference to July and August.  According to Wikipedia, this comes from the belief that the Dog Star was close to the sun in proximity at this point in the year.   This summer, much of the country has felt […]


Smarter Customer Service Leads to Greater Efficiency

Posted by:  on Jul 31, 2012

In today’s competitive market, the use of smart devices and web portals – which engage your customers by allowing them to maintain and enhance services – are imperative in the hopes to retain your current customers, attract new customers and in some cases differentiate you from the competition. The traditional approach for providing service is […]


Staying In Touch, It Means So Much

Posted by:  on Jul 27, 2012

In early July, NISC hosted a “Tablet Cafe” at the annual Forum held by the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Cooperative (CFC). CFC hosted a great event and we were pleased to support CFC by providing attendees wireless Internet service. We’re glad we did. Granted, our goal was to show-off our new NISC utility “apps” […]


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