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Your community relies on you for essential services. Your technology should enhance your connection to your community. NISC’s Service builds customer engagement through innovation to help you deliver the best possible service.

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  • Customer Care & Billing

    Customer Care & Billing

    Provide dynamic pricing options and enhance customer service.
  • Delinquent & Collections

    Delinquent & Collections

    Streamlined and efficient collections process integrated with the Enterprise.
  • Services Management

    Services Management

    Take control of your service processes with simple service order and workflow management.
  • Integrated Payment Options

    Integrated Payment Options

    Provide flexible, secure payment options, keep your organization PCI Compliant and reduce processing and delinquent recovery time.
  • Key Account Management

    Key Account Management

    Build and sustain relationships with important accounts in your service territory.
  • Capital Credits

    Capital Credits

    Flexible, easy-to-use capital credit administration and management.
  • SmartHub


    Account management at your customers’ fingertips on the web or on a mobile device.
  • Custom SmartHub App

    Custom SmartHub App

    All the account management features of SmartHub presented with your organization’s customized branding.
  • SmartHub Order Management

    SmartHub Order Management

    Your customers can upgrade, manage or add services 24/7.
  • Meter Data Management with Time of Use

    Meter Data Management with Time of Use

    Maximize business efficiency and leverage data for implementing dynamic rates.
  • Measured Broadband

    Measured Broadband

    Educate your customers on the true value of your broadband service.
  • Consumer Analytics

    Consumer Analytics

    Help your customers take control of their energy use with breakdowns of usage data by appliance and energy management tips to help reduce their bill.

Saving people hours, making service signup easier and providing better customer service, I don’t think you can put a price on that.

~ Bruce Anderson
Cumberland EMC

Expanding the Enterprise

NISC’s Enterprise Solutions are designed for cooperation, leveraging your data across each persona for quick, efficient access, regardless of your daily tasks. Every one of NISC’s Enterprise Solutions includes items that will help you go mobile, stay connected and serve your customers successfully.

  • CalltoOrder Meeting Management
  • Document Management
  • iVUE AppSuite
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Multi-Channel Messaging

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