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Press Release

|Press Release

NISC® Dedicates New Mandan Campus Expansion

IT Cooperative’s Board of Directors, Employees and Local Dignitaries Gather to Dedicate the $7.5 Million Expansion Mandan, N.D., June 22, 2017 — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of technology solutions for utility and telecommunications organizations worldwide, officially dedicated the Mandan campus' newest administration building on July 21, 2017. This expansion accommodates the current and projected growth of the IT cooperative as well as connects all buildings on the campus. "It's an exciting time to be a part of rural America in the telecom and electric industries," said Reginal Rudolph, Vice Chairman of the NISC Board of Directors. "For over 50 years, NISC has called Mandan home. With the dedication of the building today, we continue to affirm our presence and commitment to our employees, our Members, and to the great state of North Dakota." The dedication was marked by speeches given by Vern Dosch, NISC President and CEO, and Rudolph, who is also the General Manager of San Isabel Electric Association in West Pueblo, Colorado and a native of Flasher, N.D. The event was attended by many NISC Mandan employees and members of the Bismarck-Mandan community. The Mandan office, one of four NISC campuses in the United States, has served as the North Dakota campus of the technology cooperative since 1966 and is home to more than 400 employees. The Mandan facility expanded by 33,000 square feet in an effort to accommodate the demands of a growing organization, offering additional office space, meeting rooms, a dining facility and fitness center. "I'm very grateful for the Bismarck-Mandan community and to those representing Bismarck, Mandan, the Chamber of Commerce, and Bismarck-Mandan Development Association," said Dosch. "You have allowed us to grow in this place [...]

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‘Partners in Broadband’ Promote Collaboration in Sustainable Rural Broadband Deployment

San Antonio, TX, June 12, 2017 — Several leading rural infrastructure groups today announced a joint campaign to help promote collaboration and strategic partnerships in deploying and operating broadband networks in unserved parts of rural America. The "Partners in Broadband" campaign, officially launched during the 2017 CFC Forum, focuses on creating alliances through a website that looks to connect those interested in delivering robust broadband to unserved rural communities with nearby partners that share a community commitment and have expertise in broadband network deployment and operation. NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association, the National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), NRTC and National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp. (CFC) developed the new site, available at, and will promote it to their respective customers and members, representing more than 1,500 community-based broadband and electric service providers in 49 states. The site seeks to create greater recognition that broadband is an essential tool for many individuals, businesses, and anchor institutions and that making robust and affordable services available and sustainable in rural communities is a challenge requiring resolve, resourcefulness, industry expertise and a special commitment to community. By filling out a simple online form, electric cooperatives, utilities and municipalities will be matched with nearby partners with telecom expertise to evaluate options to address the broadband gap and promote partnerships wherever possible. "NTCA members have an unparalleled track record in deploying and sustaining state-of-the-art, advanced communications infrastructure in the most rural, hard-to-reach areas of the country," said NTCA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shirley Bloomfield. "But not all rural communities are lucky enough to be served by a rural telco. Millions of Americans in these other areas have limited or even no access to the broadband they need, and we [...]

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With Malicious Attacks on the Rise, NISC® Launches Cybersecurity Offering

Mandan, N.D., May 31, 2017 — Regardless of your business reach – local, international or somewhere in between – the reality of cyberattacks affecting your organization is not only possible but probable. In response to the growing and ever-evolving threat, National Information Solutions Cooperative® has launched Cybersecurity Services to help independent telephone companies, electric cooperatives and other public power entities defend themselves against ever-present threats. "Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and complexity," said Jeff Nelson, NISC Vice President of Information Security & Risk Management. "It's an everyday risk companies can no longer ignore. Our Members asked us for a solution to meet the industry's ever-evolving list of cybersecurity needs. To this end, NISC Cybersecurity Services leverages what we ourselves have learned from implementing our own cybersecurity tools and puts these resources directly in our Members' hands." NISC Cybersecurity Services offers of a complement of solutions to protect vital operational data: NISC CyberAcademy – Online user awareness training and phishing simulation NISC CyberDetect – Incident detection and incident response (currently in beta testing) NISC CyberProtect – Endpoint protection with 24/7 monitoring NISC CyberDefense – Perimeter defense leveraging firewalls and report monitoring NISC CyberScan – Vulnerability management with advanced scanning, reporting, tracking and risk scoring "NISC Cybersecurity Services takes a multi-tiered approach in addressing a company's security needs," said Nelson. "It doesn't matter whether it is perimeter defense, endpoint protection and monitoring, end-user training, or vulnerability management. Cybersecurity now involves all facets of an organization, and we are excited about what this offering can do to meet our Members' needs." NISC's Cybersecurity Services can help you protect your organization. Visit or call 1.866.999.6472 today to learn more. About NISC National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) is an [...]

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Brazoria Telephone Selects NISC’s iVUE® Enterprise System to Streamline Their Operational Processes

Brazoria Telephone (BTEL), headquartered in Brazoria, Texas, has selected National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) as its primary software solutions provider to support its operational and customer service efforts.

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NISC, Survey & Ballot Systems Integrate for New Engagement Opportunities

Members Can Utilize SmartHub® End-Consumer App with SBS Integration for Electronic Voting St. Louis, Mo., December 8, 2016 — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of technology solutions to utility and telecommunications organizations worldwide, announces seamless customer integration with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), a leading provider of election services to Member organizations. "The integration with SBS is a prime example of integrating technology for the betterment of engaging members with their cooperatives," said Nate Boettcher, NISC's Utility Solutions Product Line Manager. Cooperatives that utilize both SBS and NISC solutions will now have the ability to provide their Members an easy way to promote their Board elections. Those Members will be able to log into SmartHub and cast their Member vote alongside making a payment or viewing their usage. "We're excited to be partnering with NISC, an organization we consider to be truly innovative. This is a wonderful opportunity for SBS to help NISC Members improve their elections with secure and easy voting," said Peter Westerhaus, Vice President of SBS. A testament to the success of this integration, Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TEC), located in Rushford, Minn., and Hawkeye Electric Cooperative located in Cresco, Iowa, recently held an election with their Members on a merger vote. "Our successful merger vote can be directly attributed to our cooperative’s communications plan and the new partnership with Survey & Ballot Systems and NISC that allowed fast, easy, electronic and paper balloting to our individual cooperative memberships," said Brian Krambeer, President and CEO of the new MiEnergy Cooperative. "We achieved over 60 percent member participation in our vote through using this exciting new format." Krambeer added that Members liked the electronic voting. According to SBS survey data, following [...]

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National Information Solutions Cooperative Hosts Yet Another Record-Breaking Member Conference

St. Louis, Mo., September 14, 2016 — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of technology solutions to utility and telecommunications organizations worldwide, hosted its annual Member Information Conference (MIC) in St. Louis, Mo. More than 2,500 users of the NISC iVUE enterprise software attended the event, which was hosted over two weeks, September 7-9 and 12-14. The IT cooperative's annual event draws users from all over the continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and American Samoa. "The MIC is our best opportunity every year to engage with our Member-Owners," said Jasper Schneider, NISC Vice President, Member Engagement. "With the progression of technology and the growing importance of our solutions in our Members' systems, we are very pleased to see record attendance at this year's conference." The MIC is NISC's premier learning event with almost 140 learning sessions ranging from Accounting to Billing to Engineering. Special interactive general sessions were also offered, focusing on industry trends and challenges and how to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs with NISC's solutions. "New product announcements, continuing education credits, an Executive Track for Member CEOs, and Member led training sessions helped drive the momentum at the MIC," said Schneider." This is an exciting time to be a part of NISC and the last two weeks demonstrated our commitment to keep innovating." "The goal for year's Member Information Conference was to take our attendees 'Beyond Tomorrow' through innovation and forward thinking into what the future may hold," said Vern Dosch, NISC President and CEO. "With the launch of iVUE Mosaic, NISC now offers a business intelligence solution that leverages data from the iVUE enterprise as well as a variety of other data sources that work for your organization. In [...]

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Get the Big Picture From Your Data, Introducing iVUE Mosaic

NISC Launches Actionable, Results-Driven, Cloud-Based Business Intelligence Solution at Annual Member Conference Saint Louis, Mo., September 7, 2016 — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) announces business intelligence solution at the 2016 Member Information Conference (MIC). NISC’s business intelligence solution, iVUE Mosaic™, turns data into actionable insights. With iVUE Mosaic, NISC Members now have the tools and technology at their fingertips that analyzes data across a variety of systems. “iVUE Mosaic allows you to make more informed business decisions to achieve your organizational goals,” said David Bonnett, Vice President Marketing at NISC. “If you are a business user wanting to easily configure your own data visualizations, this solution was designed for you.” This solution is especially powerful for anyone who uses data across the entire enterprise, including from non-NISC systems. iVUE Mosaic is a cloud-based solution and is accessible from a browser on any computer or mobile device. Access critical data anytime, anywhere through an internet connection. iVUE Mosaic works by leveraging enterprise data to show trends and new connections, in real time. “The standard visualizations are designed to help you quickly assess and react to what the data is telling you,” said John Weber, Senior Product Line Manager at NISC. “When this data comes together, a whole new world of connections become visible and you are able to take action.” With iVUE Mosaic, strategic decisions are made clear through leveraging iVUE enterprise data, industry sources and NISC’s Cooperative Cloud. Insight into data will be aligned and customized based on roles in the organization helping each individual to be empowered to make informed business decisions. Board members to operational employees are able to see the big picture with iVUE Mosaic. For more information about iVUE Mosaic [...]

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NISC Once Again Named by Prairie Business Magazine as One of the 50 Best Places to Work

Mandan, N.D., August 30, 2016 — For the third consecutive year, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) has been recognized by Prairie Business magazine as one of the 50 Best Places to Work in the northern plains. Companies were nominated through an anonymous employee survey that outlined work environment, employee benefits and employee happiness. Consideration was also given to the number of nominations received per company. The 50 businesses have been honored in the magazine’s September issue, which is available on   “Employees in the companies nominated for this list wait eagerly to find out if their workplace has been chosen,” says Lisa Gibson, editor of Prairie Business. “It’s a point of pride for our winners because being nominated as a great place to work by actual employees on all levels of hierarchy is a testament to really being a great company. You can’t claim to be a great place to work unless the employees who actually work for you agree.”   Now in the third year of conducting the Best Places to Work contest, Prairie Business received nearly 950 surveys. “We’re happy to present this year’s winners and offer our congratulations to them all,” Gibson says. “This award is an honor for NISC. Not only because of the acknowledgment from Prairie Business but also because the nomination itself came from our staff. We operate our IT cooperative based off six shared values, values that guide how we conduct our business. Getting this honor for the third consecutive year is an affirmation of those shared values we have in place to help make this organization successful and our employees feel appreciated and empowered,” said Kari Reichert, NISC Vice President of People Services. About Prairie Business magazine: [...]

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NISC Expands Distribution Analytics Offering

Investment in Electrical Distribution Design, Inc. (EDD) Leverages Technology and Experience St. Louis, Mo., August 24, 2016 — To better serve its Members, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) has made an equity investment in Electrical Distribution Design, Inc. (EDD).  This investment leverages EDD's DEW software within NISC's utility enterprise software. NISC has been working with EDD for several years, and now is the time to focus on leveraging EDD's technology and expertise. Under the terms of the arrangement, NISC will integrate EDD's analytics into its mapping and outage management system solutions.  "The solution has been well received by our cooperative and public power utility Members.  With hundreds of our Members collecting smart meter data, it's important that they can now leverage on-demand operational insights," said Todd Eisenhauer, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at NISC. With the DEW solution integrated into NISC's Distribution Analytics (DA), NISC's Members are empowered to make more informed decisions at a faster rate. "We appreciate the value of continually being able to model our system to make more real-time decisions about the assets and utilization of our distribution network," said Don Bowman, Wake EMC's Manager of Engineering. "Given the growth we see in distributed energy resources, having these analytics readily available enables us to be more responsive to adverse load conditions, and helps us identify ways to reduce system losses." The EDD DEW solution has been developed to meet the expectations set by outside regulatory agencies, to ensure the system is reliable and in compliance. In recent years EDD has completed timely research and modeling enhancements, in partnership with the Department of Energy, that quantify the system impacts from distributed energy resources. "NISC is an ideal partner for us to grow [...]

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NISC a Top Workplace for 13 Straight Years

IT Cooperative Recognized by Computerworld, Bismarck YPN Lake Saint Louis, Mo., June 13, 2016 — For 13 consecutive years, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), is recognized as a top workplace. This year, for the 14th year overall and 13th straight, NISC is among Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT. The IT cooperative is known as a Top Ten Workplace by the Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network. “The NISC employees make this organization a great place to work,” said Vern Dosch, NISC President and CEO. “NISC does our best to make sure we have a productive, enjoyable workplace, but the employees are what makes our organization special. Being recognized as one of the Best Places to Work is a direct reflection of the environment our employees have created.” Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT are selected following a comprehensive survey sent directly to employees around the nation that measure several important categories for workplace satisfaction like benefits, career development, training and retention. This year, NISC has been ranked No. 13 among small organizations on the Best Places to Work in IT list. "The organizations on this year’s Best Places to Work in IT list excel at creating a dynamic and satisfying IT work environment,” says Scot Finnie, editor in chief of Computerworld. “In a competitive market for tech talent, these outstanding employers are able to attract highly skilled IT pros by offering great benefits, new learning opportunities, access to cutting-edge technologies and challenging, business-critical projects.” Along with the Computerworld recognition, NISC has received the Bismarck-Mandan Top 10 Young Professional Workplaces Award from the Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network (YPN). The award is given to the top 10 workplaces in the Bismarck-Mandan, N.D. area based on a [...]

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