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Vern Dosch

‘One Word Comes to Mind—Gratitude’

Former NISC CEO Inducted into Cooperative Hall of Fame

Lake Saint Louis, Mo., Oct. 20, 2021 — Former National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) President and CEO Vern Dosch was inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame during a ceremony Oct. 7 in Washington, D.C.

NISC, a leading provider of software solutions to utility and broadband companies, was honored to support his induction—the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. cooperative community.

Under Vern’s leadership from 2002-2020, NISC’s Membership grew from 392 to more than 850; the employee count grew from 400 to approximately 1,400; investment in research and development grew from $1 million to more than $50 million; and his stewardship delivered record annual margins.

His influence, however, extends far beyond those numbers. Throughout Vern’s career and to this day, he’s been active in local and national efforts designed to advance the co-op business model and leadership excellence.

NISC President and CEO Dan Wilbanks attended the ceremony and spoke about Vern’s influence on both NISC and him personally. The two met more than 20 years ago when they represented competing companies exploring the possibility of a merger.

“I began to know Vern as a person of very high integrity, someone I could trust and would enjoy working with,” Dan said. “Vern established a culture of servant leadership at NISC that thrives today. He’s touched many throughout his long career with his kind approach to doing business, as well as genuine concern for all those who have had the good fortune of meeting him.”

Vern reminisced about his career and shared his gratitude for those who have supported him along the way.

“This is a very poignant moment for me, because it marks the culmination of my career in an industry that I absolutely love and believe in,” Vern said. “As we experience this surreal opportunity, one word comes to mind—gratitude. Gratitude for my wife, who gave up her career so I could chase mine; to our kids and grandkids—what a blessing; for that interview in 1975 that began my 45-year career; gratitude for the cooperative business model that allowed us to be successful; for an amazing group of colleagues who were my friends; and for our Member-Owners who were not just customers, but our partners.”

The annual Cooperative Hall of Fame is a fundraiser hosted by the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF), a non-profit affiliate of the National Cooperative Business Association. Through its fundraising, CDF is able to provide recovery grants to cooperatives impacted by disaster, scholarships to train local cooperative leaders, and funding for research and education to advance the understanding of cooperatives.

To see video and photos from Vern’s induction ceremony, please visit nisc.coop/vernhof.

About NISC

NISC is an information technology organization that develops, implements and supports software and hardware solutions for our Members. We deliver advanced solutions, services and support to 885 independent broadband companies, electric cooperatives and other public power entities. NISC is an industry leader providing information technology solutions including financials, service, operations and marketing as well as many other supporting platforms and business services. With facilities in Mandan, N.D., Lake Saint Louis, Mo., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Blacksburg, Va., NISC and its subsidiaries employ more than 1,200 professionals between the four locations and remotely throughout the United States.

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