Advancing the Annual Meeting with NISC’s New Annual Meeting Tools

How many times have you hauled stacks of printed membership records or set up PC workstations at your annual, regional or district meetings in order to register your attendees? Does your method of tracking progress toward quorum involve tick marks on pieces of paper or having someone continually tabulating registration counts of everyone who’s walked through the door? With NISC’s new Annual Meeting tools, these issues are things of the past. Enhancements to iVUE® Customer Care & Billing and iVUE AppSuite empower NISC Members with new registration functionality that will bring speed, efficiency and security to their meetings. With iVUE AppSuite running on smart phones or tablets, you’ll be able to register attendees as they arrive with just a few taps. If you mail barcoded annual meeting notices to attendees in advance, the registration process is even faster as the barcode can be scanned using the device’s built-in camera to immediately access a member’s information. Keep tabs on your progress toward quorum with a dynamic graph and registration count, along with a total number of attendees including guests. Your consumer data is securely transported to iVUE AppSuite, and on-device encryption and remote-wipe capabilities enhance its security. When you get back to the office, all of your meeting registration information will be available in iVUE CC&B. You’ll be able to generate reports quickly and easily for management or to help you prepare for future meetings. If you’d like more information about NISC’s Annual Meeting tools, or about CC&B or iVUE AppSuite, please contact us!