Requested by Members and developed by NISC, CalltoOrder®, an Apple iPad app, helps Board of Directors and groups who are separated by time and distance, stay current and connected through shared access to agendas, lists, presentations and documents. NISC’s innovative PC/Web-based CalltoOrder Administrative Tool makes it easy for designated staff to create and customize individual tabs on the app to store meeting documents and additional reference materials. With the tool, uploading meeting content to CalltoOrder is dramatically faster than building, mailing or posting documents. In short, CalltoOrder makes meeting content management simple.

Meeting Agenda

Organize Board or group documents needed for the meeting. Store and easily access previous meeting materials by meeting date.

Reference Tabs

CalltoOrder allows the Admin the option to setup two additional reference tabs. Each tab can be customized in name depending on the use, and documents can be uploaded by the Admin and accessed by users with a touch of the refresh button for each tab. For example, you may use one tab for policies and another tab for contact information, Corporate Bylaws, travel logistics, etc.

Floating Notes

Wish to tag a document for later use? Click on the sticky note icon and type in a short message. It will be saved privately for the user and stays in place until the meeting is wiped from the iPad.