NISC offers a number of services to help streamline the processes in your telecom from the front office to the back office to the Board Room. One area often overlooked is the paper trail itself. Quite often there is a backlog for filing or a stack of critical documents that have yet to be routed to the correct department. This is not only extremely inefficient, it also leaves open the possibility of important documentation getting lost along the way. NISC has created fully integrated products to address the issues large quantities of documentation can present. Scan, share and search your archived information from a single point.

Document Vault

Create digital replicas of all documentation and then index, archive, retrieve and send the images electronically as needed through this integrated solution within the iVUE® Enterprise.


Click to Learn MoreEliminate the need for photocopying and mailing books prior to a Board meeting and Streamline the document collection process. Collect, revise and archive all meeting items in a simple to use app for smart devices.