Service outages may be an infrequent occurrence for the utility industry—and being prepared in the way you handle them can make the difference between a happy or an irate customer. With NISC’s Outage Management System your utility is able to respond quickly and efficiently to both minor and severe outage situations. In times of outage, the ability to collect the right data quickly and communicate it accurately is imperative. NISC’s Outage Management System features a GIS interface allowing you to work directly from the map as well as leverage the tight integration with AMI and SCADA solutions. With apps, managing an outage has never been easier. By providing operations personnel an accurate, visual display of the location of outages and crews, everyone is informed of the situation and able to do their part to help your customers.

Outage Management

Outage Management System enables your organization to respond quickly and efficiently to outage situations, predict outages and create detailed outage history records. Leverage better communications with OMS maps. From the customer-facing map to the OMS web client, never miss a beat.

iVUE® AppSuite

Click to Learn MoreiVUE AppSuite provides access to OMS from a single, smart device. Monitor, manage, assign and work outage events in real-time. Quickly access information from where ever you are to make the best decision for your membership and personnel.

NISC CallCapture®

Improve communication, interact with customers and quickly receive outage information, payments and more from a single, integrated interactive voice response (IVR) solution. NISC’s CallCapture helps increase productivity, communicate effectively, provide faster restoration, stay informed and increase cash flow.


Click to Learn MoreSmartHub provides convenient account access and two-way communication to utility customers online or via a mobile device. Your member/customers can notify you of power outages and in turn, you can provide customers pertinent information in real-time.