The key to running a successful utility engineering and operations department is ensuring all aspects are streamlined and on point. From the office to the field to tracking resources to better managing personnel—it’s important to ensure every cog in the utility’s operation is working as efficiently as possible. Learn how several of these tools work together, leveraging iVUE®’s unique enterprise suite of solutions to increase your staff’s mobility, knowledge base, and communications as well as improve customer engagement all while making day-to-day tasks easier, faster and paperless.

NISC SmartTrack®

Efficiently allocate resources to plan and execute work more productively and ensure customer satisfaction by viewing your people and resources from color-coded screens and maps. Simplify dispatch activities, manage workforce and improve customer service through one-click access.

NISC CallCapture®

Improve communication, interact effectively with customers and quickly receive payments, outage information and more from a single, integrated interactive voice response (IVR) solution. NISC’s CallCapture® helps you boost productivity, communicate effectively, provide faster restoration, stay better informed and increase cash flow.

Mobile WorkForce

Ensure accuracy, enhance fuel efficiency, and reduce training times while saving time and increasing productivity through a single solution. Mobile WorkForce empowers crews by eliminating paperwork because service orders and staking sheets are assigned, retrieved, worked and posted electronically.

Work Management

Effectively manage workforce, simplify dispatch activities, improve customer service, save time, gain accuracy and ensure a better understanding of your organization’s functions. Work Management is a powerful tool allowing you to customize operations based upon your organization’s unique needs.

iVUE® AppSuite

Click to Learn MoreiVUE® AppSuite provides convenient access to important data and integrated communications tools from a single, smart device. Be able to watch, manage and work events from where ever you are, as they occur, to make better decisions for your membership.

Document Vault

Create image files in the field or reference digital files of service orders, work orders, and then index, archive, retrieve and send the images electronically as needed through this integrated solution within the iVUE Enterprise.

NISC Operations Analytics

Click to Learn MoreAggregate data from multiple sources, create reports and models and make better-informed operational decisions using real hourly AMI data. NISC Operations Analytics’ integrated platform provides users with an increased capacity to provide better service to members, better savings in their operations and better management of their electrical grid.