NISC’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS) will ensure your data is accurate before you put it to work. MDMS integrates with the leading providers of AMI systems for data collection and runs your data through a proven measurement and verification process (VEE) to ensure accuracy. Our solution is securely hosted in our Cooperative Cloud, and you’ll have access to your iVUE® data with a single sign-on, allowing you to jump seamlessly between applications and access your data anywhere from a web browser.

Integration with AMI Leaders

Using efficient integration standards common to the utility industry, NISC’s MDMS works with the leading AMI hardware vendors for utilities. Connect your AMI system to MDMS using industry standards like Multispeak® to leverage your AMI data across your organization.

Industry Standard Measurement and Verification

In order to get the most out of your AMI data, it needs to be as accurate as possible. NISC’s MDMS scrubs and analyzes your AMI data using a robust and proven measurement and verification process. Use this clean data to proactively identify issues with your system.

Data and Theft Protection

NISC’s MDMS, combined with the Cooperative Cloud, will help keep your data safe and secure from disaster scenarios or potential intruders. Our Cooperative Cloud utilizes a distributed, fault-tolerant environment that adheres to the highest possible security standards.

The Cooperative Cloud

Access your AMI data anytime, anywhere with NISC’s MDMS. With NISC’s Cooperative Cloud, all you need is a web browser for secure access to your AMI Data, and with a single sign-on, you’ll have access to all of your iVUE® data as well.