Meter Data Management System

NISC’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is your conduit to a smarter grid. Your AMI data is a valuable resource, and with MDMS you can incorporate this data into your enterprise applications to maximize business efficiency and customer support. Integration with NISC’s Engineering and Operations tools enables detailed analytics around transformer loading and line loss at points of interest across your system. Integration with NISC’s Customer Care and Billing tools, along with the SmartHub Web and mobile app, allows you to share the same data with both staff and customers, enhancing customer service. Our secure, cloud-based solution is also your key to enabling other smart grid operations and programs like virtual metering, dynamic pricing, prepaid metering and customer education.

Analytics and Operations

Realize operational efficiencies from robust analysis of your meter data

Data Management

Collect AMI system data while ensuring accuracy through an industry-standard data cleaning process

Presentment and Programs

Enable smart grid programs by sharing data with your customers