NISC’s Meeting Tools have been developed with the express purpose of providing our Members as much convenience and efficiency as possible when it comes to planning for and executing annual, board of director and other meetings. Our software tools allow you to organize and securely send board meeting materials electronically, as well as make revisions that your board members can view instantly. When it comes time for your annual meeting, NISC can help streamline and enhance your registration process. Check in your attendees electronically, track registration numbers and voting eligibility, and automatically integrate it all into NISC’s Customer Care & Billing solution (CC&B).

Manage Meeting Documents

CalltoOrder® is an electronic meeting app that simplifies the creation and dissemination of board of director and other meeting materials. CalltoOrder is an iPad application that provides secure access to meeting agendas, documents and reference materials.


With CalltoOrder, once you’ve created and uploaded PDF files that comprise your meeting packet, meeting participants equipped with an Apple iPad can access materials, highlight text and make notations. With options to store reference materials as well as search, email and print meeting documents, your directors and other meeting participants will have what they need, when and how they need it.

Facilitate Annual Meeting Registration

iVUE AppSuite’s Annual Meeting feature gives you the ability to register attendees, determine voting eligibility, and track whether you’ve reached a quorum. iVUE AppSuite is a tool that empowers your organization’s staff to access important data and critical information from a single, smart device.

Simple and Configurable

With CalltoOrder, meeting attendees can easily review the flow of the meeting while accessing relevant documentation with the tap of a finger. You can modify the app’s appearance to match the branding of your organization.

Online Voting

NISC’s SmartHub Web and mobile app seamlessly integrates with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), which allows members to cast votes online.

Storage Space

With CalltoOrder, you can add up to two additional sections for reference materials such as policies, legal documents, contact information, travel documents, etc. Thanks to the NISC Cloud, you can securely store anything you need and download as you need it.

Security and Backup

With CalltoOrder, meeting documents stay safe and secure. Documents reside on the iPads until you decide to delete them, but they are always kept in the NISC Cooperative Cloud for future download or reference.

CC&B Integration

The Annual Meeting App seamlessly integrates with CC&B, where information is stored for historical tracking.


Click to Learn MoreEliminate the need for photocopying and mailing books prior to a board meeting and streamline the document collection process. Collect, revise and archive all meeting items in a simple to use app for smart devices.