Today’s customers appreciate choice and convenience. NISC’s Engagement Tools will help you easily and efficiently control your messaging and stay connected with your customers, while your customers can choose how they would like to receive communication from your organization. For those customers who prefer to receive traditional printed bills and notifications, NISC can help you quickly and cost effectively mail custom statements, notices, letters and patronage checks to your customers. Choice and convenience – always a good thing.

Send Custom Notifications

Messenger is the central hub for communications between you and your customers. You have the power to enable and manage events from lists you generate in CC&B, then connect with customers based on their preferred communication channels, including text messages, emails, letters, push notifications and phone calls.

Save Time on Printed Communication

Let iVUE® Automated Mailroom Services (AMS) handle the time consuming administrative tasks associated with printing, sorting and mailing statements, notices and letters to your customers.

Customer Account Management

Stay in contact with your customers with SmartHub, NISC’s online billing and payment presentment program. In SmartHub, customers can make payments, view billing and payment history, monitor use, report service issues and more.

Minimize Communication Interruptions

Messenger features a user-friendly dashboard and history so you can monitor your messages periodically to minimize delivery interruptions.

Marketing Via SmartHub

SmartHub Marketing gives your organization the ability to upload clickable advertisements on your SmartHub website. Ads are displayed on the left and bottom of each page in SmartHub, and can link directly to a specific webpage.

Save Money on Printed Communication

With iVUE AMS, there’s no need to invest in and maintain expensive printing and mailing equipment or develop expertise in statement design and postal regulations. AMS allows you to send appealing statements to your customers at the lowest possible first-class postage rate.

Customize SmartHub

Engage your customers through SmartHub by tailoring your site in several ways. Custom Quick Links could include tools, features and important information from your organization’s website. Alerts can be used to display important notices to all SmartHub users. SmartHub also gives you the option to integrate your organization’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Quality Color Statements

Pump up your billing statements with iVUE AMS. With flexible parameters and message centers, AMS allows you to create an appealing, full color statement.

Automated Mailroom Services (AMS)

Click to Learn MoreNISC’s AMS is your one-stop-shop for printing and delivery of your billing statements, inserts and postcards. Your customers benefit from full color statements that help them to better understand their charges and allow you to communicate information to them. Powered by ActivTrace, we can track your statements from the time they get mailed to delivery.

SmartHub Web and Mobile

Click to Learn MoreProvides convenient account access to your customers via Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as through the Web. Customers can check account balances, pay their bill and sign up for automatic, recurring payments, notify of service issues, check usage and receive special messages from you.