The ability to manage employee workloads and resource allocations is critical. Take control of the work management process with NISC’s Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solution. Work Management allows you to enable business process workflows and assign and schedule tasks to your entire organization. Seamless integration with NISC’s mobile solutions helps you track and manage resources in the office and in the field.

Equipment Management

With NISC’s CC&B tools, you’ll be able to easily maintain, view and track history related to your equipment and assets. Whether it’s tracking meters, transformers, poles or pipes, NISC can fully manage and maintain your connected network of assets.

Service Order Management

Full service-order functionality is a requirement for every utility’s daily work. A robust platform allows your entire organization to track the lifecycle of service order work in your utility. From the initial contact to the completion of a service request, you can use service order management to properly track and manage work for your customers.

Operations Integration

Click to Learn MoreThe iVUE® enterprise system helps you connect all areas of your organization. NISC’s CC&B and Engineering and Operations tools share access to the same data, helping you seamlessly track and manage resources across your organization and in the field.

iVUE® AppSuite

Click to Learn MoreiVUE® AppSuite provides convenient access to important customer data and integrated communications tools from a single, smart device. Be able to watch and manage account information from where ever you are, as needed, to make better decisions for your membership.