As the industry changes, and the need for your utility to change along with it increases, you need to be prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century. This means providing more dynamic pricing options and being able to bill for complex situations such as net metering and time-based rates. NISC’s Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solution provides you the flexibility to meet the demands of the evolving utility industry and today’s consumer. Ensure consistency across your organization with an accurate, integrated collections process that will help you efficiently improve cash flow, minimize collection efforts and provide your customers with the tools to stay current.

Billing Management

NISC’s CC&B tools are designed to enhance efficiencies in the utility billing process. Take control of your rates, taxes and service charges with an accurate, flexible billing solution that will ensure a seamless customer service process across your organization.

Prepaid Metering

Give your customers the ability to monitor, manage and pay for their electricity in advance with NISC’s Prepaid Metering. Instead of receiving a traditional bill, your customers will be able to monitor their account and keep the lights on, keeping their meter full just like their car’s gas tank.

Delinquent and Collections Management

Streamline your collections process with automated task routing, payment extensions and real-time payment updates. Integrated with other systems such as Mobile WorkForce or CallCapture SecurePayments, this process will help you achieve greater efficiencies in your utility.

Capital Credits

Make your capital credits process simple and efficient with NISC’s CC&B tools. Administer your daily, monthly and annual capital credit processes quickly and easily with flexible, easy-to-use capital credit management.

Meter Data Management System (MDMS)

Click to Learn MoreTurn your AMI data into action with integration into NISC’s MDMS. Interfaces with the leading AMI vendors allow you to enable dynamic pricing programs & share data with your customers, provide powerful analytics and help you to better measure the impact of your programs.

Transworld Systems Inc.

NISC’s CC&B tools will help you recover delinquent and disconnected accounts at a rate three times the national average. Through a partnership with Transworld Systems that offers fixed fees for service, you’ll see improvements in your delinquent recovery process.

Automated Mailroom Services (AMS)

Click to Learn MoreNISC’s AMS is your one-stop-shop for printing and delivery of your billing statements, inserts and postcards. Your customers benefit from full color statements that help them to better understand their charges and allow you to communicate information to them. Powered by ActivTrace, we can track your statements from the time they get mailed to delivery.