Streamline your purchasing workflow with this set of Accounting tools. NISC’s solution is designed to improve accuracy, expedite the approval process and save time…therefore saving your utility organization money. Learn how to maximize cash control by monitoring due dates, discounts and streamlining approval processes. Efficiently manage valuable assets by tracking past requirements, discounts and deliveries. Maintain purchase order information, reduce manual work and save time keying information

Accounts Payable

Managing cash resources for one or multiple companies can be the difference between positive net margins or losses. NISC’s Accounts Payable contains the features that you need to efficiently identify your cash requirements and make effective cash management decisions.

Accounts Payable Invoice Authorization Workflow

Expedite the invoice approval process where each of the steps can be entered, reviewed, and approved without routing paper copies. Since the information is kept digitally, errors that may occur from writing information down are eliminated.

Material Inventory

Material Inventory allows you to increase your purchasing power, manage stock levels and lower expenses. Set up multiple groups and locations of inventory to track all activity with complete integration to all modules.

Purchase Order

NISC’s Purchase Order solution features integrated procurement functionality with a single point of entry including requisitions, quotation management for bid evaluation and award and purchase order generation.

Document Vault

Create digital replicas of all service orders, work orders, and take images, then index, archive, retrieve and send the images electronically as needed through this integrated solution within the iVUE® Enterprise.