As an integrated solution, NISC’s Accounting product ensures that through the use of Financial Controls you are on track with your utility organization’s financial goals. Manage and monitor your financial situation from a single, central hub. Gain easy access to important information and extract the data for customized viewing preferences. Receive real-time information for Point-of-Sale counter sale transactions through a detailed order tracking system.

General Ledger

General Ledger is designed to be the central hub of your financial system, providing seamless access to the data necessary to make informed decisions. General Ledger is fully integrated into iVUE, providing seamless workflow with all modules and products.

Installment Loans

Set up, calculate and track your customer and employee loan balances using the iVUE® Installment Loan solution. Direct interaction from iVUE Miscellaneous Receivables or iVUE Customer Care & Billing updates each loan as it is paid.


Know where and how your utility organization is performing throughout the fiscal year with NISC’s Budget tool. This solution provides you with a detailed list to measure and monitor your financial budget performance.

Miscellaneous Receivables

Miscellaneous Receivables performs counter sales and customer orders with Point-of-Sale functionality along with recurring monthly billings. Full integration with Material Inventory provides real-time information from POS transactions and order tracking, and to General Ledger to support the customer balances.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation ensures real-time, reliable cash balances that you can depend on by delivering an integrated solution to quickly reconcile your bank statements to General Ledger. Bank Reconciliation will easily track checks, electronic payments, deposits, electronic deposits and transfers.