Pedernales Electric Cooperative Selects NISC’s Software Solution Suite

Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC), based in Johnson City, TX, has selected National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) as its primary provider of software services to support its operational and member services efforts.

PEC, a large distribution co-op serving nearly 260,000 meters, will take advantage of NISC’s suite of applications to support its accounting, billing and mailing, engineering, operations and member services needs. NISC’s enterprise-wide iVUE® software platform offers PEC members the benefits of a fully-integrated software package designed for and used by 500 distribution cooperatives and mid-size utility systems in 48 states.

“Pedernales Electric looks forward to working with NISC to bring a wide range of business processes and operational cost savings to our cooperative,” PEC’s Chief Executive Officer John D. Hewa said. “NISC’s innovative solutions will provide PEC a sure-footed, world class utility software platform, ensuring PEC members and employees have access to advanced energy information and technology at their fingertips.”

PEC selected NISC’s suite of solutions to enhance member services. The cooperative considers member services paramount and plans to launch an automated phone system, outage management, proactive messaging and an enhanced member portal with mobile applications.

“We’re confident this new opportunity with NISC will produce an efficient, progressive software solution that brings immense value to PEC and our members,” PEC Board President Dr. Patrick Cox said.

NISC has a team dedicated to scoping out PEC’s current capabilities and developing an implementation roadmap for the timely installation of iVUE applications. “While Pedernales is a large organization,” said Vern Dosch, NISC’s President and CEO. “We deployed iVUE to more than 600 utility and telecom sites, both big and small, across North America without failure.”

“We are grateful that Pedernales’ Board and staff have given NISC the opportunity to support its ongoing mission of greater efficiency, reduced costs and enhancements to its member service commitment,” Dosch said. “Our software has been shaped by 47 years of close collaboration with our members. Today, that collaboration is driving the development of new software solutions that meet our members’ current needs and incorporates their creative vision. We welcome Pedernales and its innovative spirit into the NISC family.”

About Pedernales

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, based in Johnson City, TX, is a large electric distribution cooperative, serving nearly 260,000 meters in an 8,100-square-mile service area. Founded in 1938 with the help of then-Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson, PEC provides safe, reliable and low-cost energy services to all or parts of 24 Central Texas counties located in one of the fastest growing areas in the United States.

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