Ceremonial Groundbreaking Kicks Off Building Expansion Project

NISC Building Expansion to Begin this Month

Lake Saint Louis, Mo., October 7, 2014 — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of technology solutions to utility and telecommunications organizations worldwide, will officially break ground at the Lake Saint Louis, Mo. location in October. This expansion will accommodate the continual growth of the cooperative and make room for an expanded mailroom facility.

“It is with much anticipated excitement that NISC is going to expand our Lake Saint Louis facility. As the company continues to grow, we also are adding new employees—which presses us for space in our current building,” said Jackie Rocha, Manager of Office Services and Facilities at NISC. “Our Automated Mailroom Services division continues to add new accounts and equipment to process our customers monthly billings to their customers which accounts for the 1st floor production expansion. We look forward to completion of this project by early Fall 2015. We can’t get it done soon enough.”

The expansion was marked by speeches given by Vern Dosch, President and CEO of NISC, Harry Barnes, NISC Board of Directors Vice Chairman, and by Kathy Schweikert, City of Lake Saint Louis Mayor.

“The City of Lake Saint Louis is excited to have NISC, one of our top employers in the city, expanding their facility with a 44,000 square foot building addition,” said Schweikert. At a time, when many companies are downsizing, NISC is increasing their business and adding jobs. We are happy to share in NISC’s growth!”

The event was attended by many NISC Lake Saint Louis employees, members of the community and business leaders. The Lake Saint Louis location, one of four NISC campuses in the United States, has been the Missouri home of the technology cooperative since 2005. The Lake Saint Louis facility will expand by 44,000 square feet in an effort to accommodate the demands of a growing organization.

“The Western St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce congratulates NISC on their 44,000 sq. ft. expansion in Lake Saint Louis. Their investment in our community will provide jobs and economic growth within our region,” said Tony Mathews, President and CEO of Western St. Charles County Chamber. “As our 2014 Business of the Year NISC has proven their commitment to providing a great working environment and support in bettering our community.”

At NISC, employees focus on service excellence and innovative information technology solutions that enable their Member-Owners to excel in customer service, maximize diversification opportunities, and compete effectively in the changing utility and telecommunications industries.

“We are excited to be able to expand NISC’s operations at our Lake Saint Louis campus,” said Dosch. “To be able to build a facility that helps us serve our Membership and create a positive work experience for our employees is incredibly important.”

NISC will release more information on the expansion as the project progresses. For the most up-to-date information on our expansion, follow us on Twitter @NISC_Coop.