It’s important to always put the customer’s needs first. The solutions that encompass Plant Management serve as the backbone of your operations department. These tools are designed to streamline and better connect you to your customers. Whether provisioning services or ensuring customers are up-to-date at any time, operations’ processes become efficient and easier for your telecommunications staff. Leverage communications in ways never before between office personnel and field crews while being ahead of any service issues that may arise allowing your telecom to provide the very best customer service that your customers depend on.

Facility Management

Facility Management serves as your telecom’s foundation. Allowing you to quickly and efficiently set up and track network and plant information, therefore maximizing your response to new customers, service related issues, and automated provisioning while avoiding overselling your network capacity.

Trouble Management

Trouble Management allows you to dispatch technicians quickly and with all the information they need to resolve service issues and ensure customer satisfaction. In times of trouble, the ability to collect the right data quickly and react accordingly is imperative.

Work Management

Effectively manage workforce, simplify dispatch activities, improve customer service, save time, gain accuracy and ensure a better understanding of your organization’s functions. Work Management is a powerful tool allowing you to customize operations based upon your organization’s unique needs.


Tightly integrated into Customer Care and Billing, SwitchTalk2 efficiently provisions services to increase productivity and ensure customer satisfaction. Automated provisioning features are leveraged to maintain more services and auditing features allow for revenue assurance.

iVUE® AppSuite

Click to Learn MoreiVUE AppSuite provides convenient access to important data and integrated communications tools from a single, smart device. Be able to watch, manage and work events from where ever you are, as they occur, to make better decisions for your customers.

Document Vault

Create image files in the field or reference digital files of service orders, work orders, and then index, archive, retrieve and send the images electronically as needed through this integrated solution within the iVUE® Enterprise.

Mobile WorkForce

Ensure accuracy, enhance fuel efficiency, and reduce training times while saving time and increasing productivity through a single solution. Streamline field crews’ processes by eliminating paperwork because service orders and trouble tickets are assigned, retrieved, worked and posted electronically.

Contact Tracking

Record and track contact with customers and non-customers, eliminating messy, time-consuming manual phone and customer contact logs. Each contact event tracks the initiator, date, time, elapsed time, and specific remarks and/or solutions.