NISC’s solutions leverage operational data to help you run your organization more efficiently and serve your customers more effectively, but what is your organization doing to protect its vital information and sensitive systems from a cyberattack? You can no longer assume it will not happen to you. The unfortunate reality is that it no longer is a question of if you will be attacked but when as we all face multiple threats daily. The negative consequences of a data breach or other security incident can go beyond monetary losses, impacting your reputation and customers’ trust. NISC’s Cybersecurity Services can help you protect your organization from attack by training your employees, scanning for vulnerabilities, protecting your perimeter and detecting intrusions.


Because Your Employees Are the First Line of Defense

Incident Detection & Response

Next Generation End Point Protection

Endpoint Protection

24/7 Monitored and Managed Incident Detection and Response

Perimeter Defense

Up-To-Date Perimeter Defense is Key

Vulnerability Management

Identify, Analyze and Manage Vulnerabilities in Your Systems

Patch Management

Patch management tailored to your organization’s needs