With NISC LeadAgentTM, you can now mine the valuable data you have in the iVUE Enterprise System, as well as leads from outside sources such as your website, to create a dynamic sales lead repository for your marketing team to leverage and grow your customer base. Better understand your target audience and track their interest in your products and services, as well as their commitments with other providers. Harness the power of iVUE to track and analyze your potential customers…and ensure you get the most from your marketing dollars. This powerful app integrated with Salesforce® will give your on-the-go sales team the tools they need in the palms of their hands. Never lose sight of your leads again with NISC LeadAgent!

App with Salesforce Integration

Import information from iVUE to track and analyze customers and prospects with this powerful CRM app. Generate unlimited key performance indicator (KPI), penetration and performance reports.

Lead Generation

Create new leads in Salesforce and merge those with your existing leads. Effectively track interest in products and services as well as when prospects’ contracts are up with competitors to get the most of your marketing dollars.

Functionality in the Field

Give your sales team the ability to configure services, accurately price out bundles and generate quotes while in the field. Increase your sales team’s efficiency and effectiveness while streamlining the sales process with full integration into iVUE using SmartHub Order Management.

Incentive Compensation Management

Pay commissions based on closed/won opportunities, using established minimum sales goals as well as tiers based on total sales. In-depth reporting of all sales is also available for calculation of commission at a manager or supervisor level, giving visibility of total sales compared to organization-wide sales goals.