With NISC LeadAgentTM, you can mine the valuable data you have in the iVUE Enterprise System, as well as leads from outside sources such as your website, to create a dynamic sales lead repository for your marketing team to leverage and grow your customer base. Better understand your target audience and track their interest in your products and services with consumer behavior analytics and robust reporting tools. Harness the power of iVUE to track and analyze your potential customers, upsell to your existing customers and plan fiber zones more effectively…all while ensuring you get the most from your marketing dollars. This powerful app integrated with Salesforce® will give your on-the-go sales team the tools they need to quote, close the sale and start the customer and service order all in the palms of their hands. Never lose sight of your leads again with NISC LeadAgent!

Lead Management

Create leads in Salesforce and merge those with your existing leads. Effectively track interest in products and services, document detailed lead data and interactions for those who are awaiting a build out to areas that aren’t yet serviceable.

Customer Upselling

Leverage your existing customer data to look for upselling opportunities with integration between Customer, Billing Account, Agreement and C&C code as well as pending service orders and historical service orders. Functionality includes the ability to launch SmartHub to view the customer’s bill and create a trouble ticket if necessary.

Sales Management

Track open and closed sales effectively as well as the revenue generated by each sale with robust reporting features. Manage tasks by integrating engineering, technical and site survey teams into the customizable sales process flow to ensure a profitable sale. Allow your on-the-go sales team to create multiple quotes associated to the sale, tailoring each to fit the needs of the prospect and based on the services available at that location. And when the quote is accepted, create the customer and service order in the field, streamlining the process and providing a smooth customer experience.

Fiber Management

Manage your fiber zones effectively and track leads in conjunction with your goals and other KPIs. Allow interested parties to sign up for service or to show their interest in fiber, depending on the status of your zone. Communicate with each zone effectively using campaign management and SmartHub Messenger.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Create and export powerful reports using all aspects of data collected, whether using one of the hundreds of prebuilt reports or crafting your own. The robust reporting feature allows each company to schedule reports at certain intervals or add them to a dashboard for easy viewing.

Incentive Compensation Management

Pay commissions based on closed/won opportunities, using established minimum sales goals as well as tiers based on total sales. In-depth reporting of all sales monthly to annually with audit trails and history tracking is also available for calculation of commission at a manager or supervisor level, giving visibility of total sales compared to organization-wide sales goals.

Technology Behavior Analytics

Make the most of your marketing dollars by better understanding your demographic. Receive segmentation information based on a number of demographical data from number in the household to tech savviness to education level. Track behavior patterns using technology behavior data to more effectively campaign and market your products and services.