With NISC’s Broadband Measured Service, your telecom will have the power to not only track and bill overages, but you will also have the tools to educate your customers on the true value of your service. Provide customers with graphs that show their internet consumption hourly, daily or monthly via the app or your website. Educating your customers on their usage patterns and helping them control their costs is imperative for customer satisfaction, and Broadband Measured Service is a powerful ally. Broadband Measured Service seamlessly integrates into iVUE® Customer Care and Billing, leading to billing ease for both your telecom and your customer.


Provide your customers with a cumulative view so they can see when they near their plan limit as well as a daily view with hourly reports to help customers track household usage patterns.


Configure usage alerts so your customers can stay on top of their usage. Reduce the risk of bill shock and provide a customer service option that is sure to increase customer satisfaction.


Help customers realize the value of your service by offering yearly usage trending by month. When competitors are knocking, the best defense is knowing your customers truly understand the value of the services you deliver.


Analyze monthly usage totals and statistics to ensure that the products and services being offered with broadband internet are in line with your company’s objectives – and keeping you competitive in the market.