Today’s customers want personalized customer service and support. Your telecom wants to increase revenue and reduce operating cost whenever possible. NISC’s Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) solution will help your telecom achieve these objectives with streamlined processes to keep data at your staff’s fingertips and help them truly understand your customers’ needs. The easily accessible data will make customer communications more efficient resulting in a more satisfied customer base, and the query and upselling tools will help you launch and track new marketing campaigns with ease.

Activity Tracking & Notifications

Administer, track and analyze a wide range of activities and set up notifications to help keep your staff in the loop, working as efficiently as possible.


Click to Learn MoreEffectively target customers with campaign alerts containing upselling information at your CSRs’ fingertips. Launch a campaign using Nielsen Market Segmentation tools, measure your campaigns’ effectiveness, track the take rate and document interactions for future planning.

Marketing Campaign Management

Click to Learn MoreMine the valuable data you have in iVUE, as well as leads from outside sources such as your website, to create a dynamic, on-the-go sales repository for your marketing team to leverage and grow your customer base.

Dynamic Queries

Create customizable reports based on a number of variables to help you better understand your customers and their services. Extracting data has never been so easy.

Account Management

Click to Learn MoreTrack and administer a wide range of diversified services with all of the tools you need to manage your accounts, adjustments, history and transaction details.

Order Management

Give your customers 24/7 access to upgrade their services as well as view and manage their broadband and wireless usage. These streamlined processes will ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency within your telecom.

Payment Arrangements

Increase customer satisfaction with structured payment options for those who fall a bit behind with their bills. Create arrangements that suit their needs and the billing will adjust accordingly.

Capital Credits

Administer your daily, monthly and annual capital credit processes quickly and easily. Flexible and easy-to-use, this solution works the way you work and makes viewing allocation history a snap.