Billing is an integral part of your business process…and it is imperative for it to be accurate. Your customers have expectations and want their bills visually appealing and easy to understand, not to mention payment options to meet their lifestyle. NISC’s Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) solution provides you the flexibility to meet the demands of the ever-changing telecom industry and ensure consistency across your organization with accurate, integrated processes to increase cash flow and manage billing for the numerous services you offer.

Usage Collection and Validation

Closely monitor and audit the usage of the services you offer. Ensure your customers are getting what they are paying for…and not getting the services they aren’t.

Rate Management

Organize, track and analyze your rates. Increase your staff’s knowledge on rates and package costs so the message is consistent and clear across your telecom.


Administer, track and archive contracts for all aspects of your business. Set alerts for contracts nearing completion so you don’t miss upselling or retention opportunities. Ensure the contract information is complete and easy to access so when a customer calls, the information is readily available.

Wireless Devices

Harness the wireless billing options that iVUE offers. Ensure you are capturing, and billing, all of the customer’s usage and audit it accordingly.

End User Billing

Easily process and bill customers’ local, toll, TV, internet, wireless and other services as efficiently as possible. Develop optional calling plans and other usage as it appears and minimize revenue leakage.

Carrier Access Billing

Eliminate daily processing and effectively bill for traffic that uses your network (and for usage that you may not have previously billed) in an easy to use graphical interface. Existing customers can click here to access CABs trending.

Automated Mailroom Services (AMS)

Click to Learn MoreNISC’s AMS is your one-stop-shop for printing and shipping custom statements, inserts and postcards. Keep track of your shipments through our advanced mail-tracking software, ActivTrace.