NISC’s Accounting and Business Solutions (ABS) are designed to streamline and expedite your processes, featuring a single point of entry and integration among all applications for unparalleled ease of use. The flexibility of NISC’s ABS gives you the power to define and create open fields to meet your organization’s needs. You can also predefine a set of values in order to ensure accuracy of your data collection. All this, along with a powerful advanced search (query builder), allows you to create simple and fast data queries that can be organized and sorted to your specifications and dropped into a third-party spreadsheet without having to involve your technical staff.

Asset Management

Organize, track, group, report, maintain and calculate value of assets

Employee Administration

Manage payroll duties, distribute labor costs, and provide access to important personnel information

Financial Controls

Monitor financials, access and extract data and gather real-time transactions

Purchasing Workflow

Maximize cash control by monitoring due dates, discounts and streamlining approval process