Telecom Solutions

Through implementing best practices and providing a high level of customer support, NISC develops innovative tools that are intuitive and easy to use. From Accounting to Customer Care & Billing and Operations to Technical Services, the iVUE Enterprise System seamlessly integrates all solutions into one robust platform with a common look and feel. The iVUE suite of solutions are broad, scalable and flexible, and iVUE’s total system integration, as well as the ability to integrate with third-party applications, set us apart from the others.

As a cooperative, we’re driven by serving the needs of our Members and Customers, not by our bottom line. Our goal is to involve our Members in the solution-development process, so we can ensure we’re helping them stay ahead of the technology curve and that the solutions we provide are meeting and exceeding their needs. What does this mean to your telecom? It means you have the powerful, timely data you need to run your telecom efficiently – and it means you have a voice.