WATT-Net™, iVUE® Systems Combine to Boost Customer Service, Efficiency for Members

Lake Saint Louis, Mo., August 22, 2014 —National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of IT and software solutions to utility and telecommunications organizations, has partnered with Watthour Engineering Company (WECO) to deliver meter test records in real time.

Using WECO’s WATT-Net™ to receive test results, meter test data can be transmitted quickly and seamlessly into NISC’s iVUE® Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) through a real-time interface using MultiSpeak™ web services. Test results are immediately available to customer service and operational users of the iVUE CC&B solution to resolve billing issues and manage regulatory test requirements.

“The interface between Watthour Engineering and NISC is easy to use and implement into your daily operations and will greatly reduce human error when it comes to the input of meter test data in both systems,” said Todd Zashin, Lead System Administrator at Trico Electric Cooperative. “ Working with the Watthour Engineering and NISC internal software engineering and support teams is as always fantastic.”

For more than thirty years, Watthour Engineering Company (WECO) has been a market leader in the electric utility industry as a provider of precise and reliable electric meter test equipment. National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) also has a rich history of serving the utility industry by providing turn-key enterprise software and technology solutions. Together, the two organizations serve more than 400 utilities in common, creating an excellent opportunity to streamline business processes and interoperate systems.

“NISC is pleased to partner with WECO to bring these operational efficiencies to our utility Members,” said David Bonnett, Vice President of Marketing at NISC. “We have a reputation of being the first to support MultiSpeak™, and we are thrilled to make this investment when it benefits literally hundreds of our Members.”

For more information on this interface, contact the MDM-AMI Implementation team at MDM-AMI-Implementation@nisc.coop or 866.999.6472. The latest version of the WECO solution is required for this interface to function properly.

About Watthour Engineering
Watthour Engineering, headquartered in Pearl, Miss., has developed into a leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for use in testing, repair, maintenance and tracking of electric meters and associated equipment within the utility industry. Its products are used by utility companies and meter manufacturers throughout the United States and the world. More information on WATT-Net Plus, visit: www.watthour.com.

About NISC
National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) is an information technology cooperative that develops, implements and supports software and hardware solutions for our Members/Customers. We deliver advanced solutions, services and support to more than 700 independent telephone companies, electric cooperatives and other public power entities. NISC is an industry leader providing information technology solutions including billing, accounting, operations, automated mailroom services, third-party integration as well as many other solutions. NISC has facilities in Mandan, N.D., Lake Saint Louis, Mo., Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Shawano, Wis. and employs more than 995 professionals between the four locations. Additional information can be found at www.nisc.coop.