NISC DERMS Partnership Program Adds FlexCharging, Continues Growth - National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

NISC DERMS Partnership Program Adds FlexCharging, Continues Growth

Lake Saint Louis, Mo., June 12, 2024 – National Information Solutions Cooperative, a leading provider of software solutions to broadband and utility providers, announced a partnership with leading Distributed Energy Resource Management Solutions (DERMS) provider FlexCharging to enhance its growing DERMS Partnership Program.

“NISC’s utility Members continue to see increased adoption of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and require the tools to help them adapt to a constantly evolving industry,” said David Bonnett, NISC Chief Solutions Officer. “Partnering with industry-leading DERMS providers like FlexCharging gives our Members the ability to provide the services their end-consumers need and launch incentive programs for resources like electric vehicles (EV).”

FlexCharging allows utility organizations to “Take Charge” of incentive programs by simplifying the launch and management of EV managed charging programs, including incentives. FlexCharging’s DERMS platform maximizes insights and scalability while supporting the broadest range of EVs available today.

“As a long-time leader in providing software-based solutions to cooperatives, FlexCharging prides itself on providing best-in-class technology,” said Brian Grunkemeyer, Founder and CEO of FlexCharging. “We already offer cooperatives a standalone solution so they can quickly launch EV programs, and now by building on our successful partnership with NISC, we can serve as an Edge DERMS to bring even more cooperatives the benefits of EV managed charging and other programs.  We look forward to providing NISC members with the tools they need to reliably manage the grid while ensuring satisfaction of their member-owners.”

NISC’s DERMS Partnership Program is built to seamlessly integrate with DERMS providers to help utility Members effectively launch and manage DER programs to their end consumers. Integration between FlexCharging’s DERMS system and NISC Solutions allows Members to utilize their NISC solutions to scale the deployment of DER programs and processes.

The program also leverages an Application Programming Interface (API) designed specifically for integration with DERMS solutions. Leveraging eight different integration points, the DERMS API is built to support nearly every NISC Member without the need for custom integration, which lowers costs and increases adoptability.

About FlexCharging
FlexCharging is a cloud-based energy company that works with utilities, cooperatives, and public power companies to manage the grid of the future. Launched in 2017 and based in Washington State, FlexCharging is focused on grid orchestration with a specialty in implementing electric vehicle-managed charging programs. FlexCharging supports customers across the U.S., Europe, and Australia. The FlexCharging team includes experts in vehicle telematics, big data, software development, demand-side management program design, and data visualization. For more information, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.