2023 NISC MIC: A Focus on Progress - National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

2023 NISC MIC: A Focus on Progress

Denver, Colo., Sept. 19, 2023 — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of enterprise software and solutions to utility and broadband companies, highlighted the unparalleled progress of iVUE development and unveiled their vision for future innovations during the 2023 NISC Member Information Conference (MIC) with the highly anticipated Utility and Broadband Industry Outlook sessions.

NISC’s David Bonnett, Vice President of Product Management, hosted the industry-specific sessions that outlined the overall enterprise development vision – and invited two panels of NISC Members and two panels of NISC partners onstage to discuss how Members can leverage this new and enhanced technology to meet the challenges each industry faces today – and into the future.
For the Utility Industry Outlook session, Bonnett was joined onstage by:

  • Jason Bartsch, NISC Director of Product Management
  • Courtney Pesak, NISC Product Manager
  • Jeremy Lang, NISC Product Manager
  • Carol Wright, CEO of Jackson Energy Cooperative, NISC Board Member
  • Jeff McNeal, Senior Vice President of Information Technology, CoServ
  • Chris Irwin, Program Manager, Department of Energy

The Utility Industry Outlook session focused on important trends in the energy industry. Members discussed how NISC’s iVUE Connect solution, including iVUE Connect – Service, iVUE Connect – Staking and iVUE Connect – Marketing, is helping them better serve and connect with their communities. The panelists also discussed evolving energy needs and meeting those challenges with software and the help of the Department of Energy. The session also covered new Member engagement strategies including the release of the new rewrite of SmartHub for utility Members.

“Our Members are facing truly unique challenges in both of our industries,” Bonnett said. “At NISC, we understand that it’s our job to deliver technology and find industry partners that can help our Members solve these challenges and get them prepared for the future.”

For the Broadband Industry Outlook session, Bonnett was joined onstage by:

  • Jason Bartsch, NISC Director of Product Management
  • Courtney Pesak, NISC Product Manager
  • Amber Wesche, NISC Product Manager
  • Matt Weller, President, All West Communications
  • Frank Ploumen, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Calix

The Broadband Industry Outlook session explored the challenges facing the broadband industry and how NISC’s technology can help Members overcome them. From new and important updates that are moving NISC’s iVUE Connect solution forward for broadband Members to engagement initiatives like an enhanced SmartHub Order Management, including scheduler integration. The session also discussed important partnerships with organizations like Calix that help NISC’s Members through important integrations.

“We’ve made a lot of progress with iVUE Connect – Service, and it was exciting to hear from some of our Members on how that progress is impacting their organizations,” Bartsch said. “We know we have more to do, and they discussed their challenges with us as well, but we’re happy with the progress we continue to make to bring more Members onto the solution.”

The MIC is NISC’s premier learning event and will be held Sept. 17-20 and is hosted at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Denver, Colo. The event is an excellent opportunity for NISC to learn more about industry challenges, unveil the newest technologies and share best practices to ensure all NISC Members are using the suite of enterprise solutions to the greatest potential. The four-day event will feature 165 concurrent sessions, with nearly 50 of them being led by the Membership themselves.