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SmartHub for A Smart Home


The smart home is becoming an important piece of everyday life. NISC looks to the future with solutions like SmartHub that can take advantage of smart home devices, making it easy for customers to interact with their providers.

iVUE Connect

iVUE Connect isn't just a new piece of software for NISC, but a new way of thinking and design that maximizes the impact of the iVUE Enterprise System.

NISC Operations Analytics – Cass County Testimonial

Cass County Electric Cooperative shares how NISC Operations Analytics has improved efficiencies when it comes to transformer loading, and helped the co-op utilize a large amount of data to make pertinent engineering calculations on their system.

NISC Operations Analytics – Verendrye Testimonial

Engineers from Verendrye Electric Cooperative discuss how NISC Operations Analytics, along with EDD’s Distributed Engineering Workstation (DEW), has helped them achieve greater accuracy by utilizing real data to build energy models and anticipate transformer loading and line loss.

The Power of Possibility – 50 Years of Innovation and Member Service


Discovery is the key to the future, and for 50 years NISC has been able to discover the latest innovations with the help of our Members. Take a look back at NISC’s 50-year journey and look ahead to what’s possible in the future.

iVUE Connect – United Fiber Testimonial

United Fiber, a subsidiary of United Electric Cooperative, discusses how NISC's iVUE Connect Service with broadband functionality helped enhance their broadband deployment.

Driven to Serve


What does it mean to serve? The answer to this question will vary depending on the person, organization or community giving a response. The one standard that seems to always shine through, though, is that commitment to service is what drives us.

Beyond Tomorrow


Beyond tomorrow is a promise from NISC to our Members to provide leading-edge solutions, services and support that will help telecom and utility organizations continue to grow in efficiency, customer satisfaction and overall success not only today, but beyond tomorrow.

How NISC Serves You


At NISC, we are here for you—from day-to-day tasks to times of crisis.

Peace River Implementation

We are excited to share with you, for the first time in our history, an implementation as it happens.

Data + Programs = Demand Reduction

Ryan Hentges of Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative explains how their organization was able to use NISC’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS) to launch energy efficiency and demand response programs including a wi-fi thermostat program that saw a significant reduction in energy use at their cooperative.

A Co-op’s Community Solar Project

Community solar, solar gardens, solar farms and utility-scale solar projects are being developed by NISC Members located across the country.

How to Process Payments Securely with NISC and VeriFone

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With NISC's Payment Gateway and VeriFone payment terminals, your customers won't have to worry about the safety of their credit card data.

Meter Data Management System


Is reading your meter data like trying to find a needle in a haystack? NISC’s MDMS can help you simplify your data collection process and help you get the most out of your AMI system.

Expedite Your Authorization Invoice Process


The accounts payable invoice authorization process can be challenging for many reasons. Approvers can be in another office, on vacation or very busy.

The Meter Mentors

A teacher from Heritage High School in Wake Forest, NC, uses solutions provided by Wake EMC to teach her students about energy efficiency.

Creating a Connected Tomorrow


You are the heart of NISC. See how together, we are making the world a better place, ready for tomorrow’s technologies.

Smart Savings with SmartHub®

Decatur County REMC was able to leverage SmartHub® to help with a Time of Use billing program, amounting to big savings for their members.

Integrating Technology into Everyday Life


We all experience our world moving faster, the days flying by and when you add new technology to life, it can suddenly become daunting and stressful for you and your customers.

The Power of Prepaid

Wake EMC of Wake Forest, N.C., shows the power of NISC's Prepaid Metering solution through the eyes of one of their Members.