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SmartHub for A Smart Home


The smart home is becoming an important piece of everyday life. NISC looks to the future with solutions like SmartHub that can take advantage of smart home devices, making it easy for customers to interact with their providers.

The Power of Possibility – 50 Years of Innovation and Member Service


Discovery is the key to the future, and for 50 years NISC has been able to discover the latest innovations with the help of our Members. Take a look back at NISC’s 50-year journey and look ahead to what’s possible in the future.

Driven to Serve


What does it mean to serve? The answer to this question will vary depending on the person, organization or community giving a response. The one standard that seems to always shine through, though, is that commitment to service is what drives us.

Beyond Tomorrow


Beyond tomorrow is a promise from NISC to our Members to provide leading-edge solutions, services and support that will help telecom and utility organizations continue to grow in efficiency, customer satisfaction and overall success not only today, but beyond tomorrow.

NISC SwitchTalk2


Does your provisioning process need simplification? NISC SwitchTalk2 streamlines the provisioning process and offers auditing features for revenue assurance, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

NISC LeadAgent


Is mining data to track and analyze customers and prospects a tedious task? NISC LeadAgent is a powerful app integrated with Salesforce® that gives your on-the-go sales team the tools they need in the palms of their hands.

How NISC Serves You


At NISC, we are here for you—from day-to-day tasks to times of crisis.

How to Process Payments Securely with NISC and VeriFone

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With NISC's Payment Gateway and VeriFone payment terminals, your customers won't have to worry about the safety of their credit card data.

Protect Your Data During a Crisis with Disaster Recovery

Disaster can strike anywhere at any time. Hear what Chequamegon Communications (now called Norvado), located in Cable, Wis., has to say about their disaster planning strategies and how NISC’s Disaster Recovery plays an integral part.

Simplify Provisioning with NISC SwitchTalk2

Simplifying the provisioning process will not only increase customer satisfaction but also the productivity of your staff. Learn first-hand the efficiencies realized by Nemont Telephone Cooperative, located in Scobey, Mont., when they began using NISC SwitchTalk2.

SmartHub Order Management


Are you looking for ways to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction? Put the power of true account management in your customers’ hands 24/7 with NISC’s SmartHub Order Management.

Marketing/Campaign Solution


Are you looking for ways to launch effective marketing campaigns that are accurately targeted by message and audience? NISC’s Marketing/Campaign solution can help you efficiently track your campaigns’ success and increase sales.

Expedite Your Authorization Invoice Process


The accounts payable invoice authorization process can be challenging for many reasons. Approvers can be in another office, on vacation or very busy.

Creating a Connected Tomorrow


You are the heart of NISC. See how together, we are making the world a better place, ready for tomorrow’s technologies.

Endless Possibilities with iVUE Mapping

Consolidated Telcom in Dickinson, N.D. implemented the iVUE Mapping solution and realized more operational efficiencies than they had imagined.

Integrating Technology into Everyday Life


We all experience our world moving faster, the days flying by and when you add new technology to life, it can suddenly become daunting and stressful for you and your customers.