We are halfway through the implementation and final preparations are underway for the ABS Go Live this week. Employees are continuing to test the application and validate data. The dollars are balanced and conversion programming to correct the remaining static data is being performed. Integration between iVUE® and third party applications has been tested and ready to become operational this week.

Working with Rusty, the accounting team developed a plan for the cut over week. The final data cut will be processed after accounting personnel run the month end process and print balancing reports. The legacy system will be shut down and the users will have Inquiry only rights into the system We considered the impact of the system being unavailable and how employees will conduct business until iVUE® is available this week. Invoices will be held, payroll was processed before the data cut and we will revert back to spreadsheets or paper to track time.

While the Accounting side of the project readies for Go Live, the CC&B side of the project continues validating data, training, and testing. We received another cut of the CC&B data and personnel continue to validate the data between the legacy system and iVUE®. One of our goals for this data cut is to balance all of the data including year to date figures. I recommend balancing data starting with the initial data cut and not waiting for the data cut just before Go Live. Some of the data items did not balance with the first cut of data and we were able to identify the reasons and have the issues corrected before the next cut. PRECO employees are dedicating time to determine if data balances and NISC personnel are working with us to ensure we will have clean, balanced data for Go Live.

The game clock is ticking and accounting is ready to go live. We have another half to go before CC&B is live. We continue to follow the project plan, adjusting resources and project timelines in order to have a successful implementation.