At the end of the analysis trips, Rusty and Ryan stated there would be a lull in the project while they reviewed the data gathered during the analysis trip. It is spring break for many colleges and Sarasota is the preferred destination for many people enjoying their break. I figured, what better way to take advantage of the lull than to enjoy a visit with my two sisters? While I’m enjoying a nice break at the beach many of my co-workers are wondering what Rusty and Ryan meant by the lull. Because while I am having a short break from the project, many of my colleagues are still very busy with the implementation.

Over the past few months we’ve identified data that needed to be tidied up and during the data mapping portion of the CC&B analysis trip Channon identified some additional data that needed to be cleaned up. Mainly it’s about organizing and creating a better experience for our members. For example, our mailing addresses and location fields contain information that should be in other fields. While the software we had evolved over the years, we never took the time to clean up and move it to appropriate fields. We made a decision to clean up the data and our employees are busy reviewing and correcting mailing addresses and location data.

In addition to cleaning fields, we are working on improving our customer’s experience. A few employees are busy redesigning the bill print. To give us ideas of what we wanted, NISC provided sample bills to help us design our own bill layout. We spoke with several departments to get feedback on the most frequently asked questions from our members about our current bill. We want to design the bill to provide the information the member needs in order to reduce the amount of calls and questions our members have in regards to their bill—so a lot of time and research is going into this part of the project to ensure we get it right.

So while I am taking a short break, there is still a lot going on back at the office.