It’s been a few weeks since I took “spring break” and we are back on task after celebrating PRECO’s 75th anniversary. I mentioned in an earlier blog that training was one of the key components to a successful implementation. Training has kicked off for our employees and they are participating in a variety of training methods to ensure they are familiar with all the components of iVUE®.

Our CC&B users are taking a series of courses which will help our employees get started using iVUE®. They are learning terminology, search techniques, navigation, and working with data. They are also participating in an iVUE® basic training and searching learning courses. The system provides numerous ways to navigate and once completed, our employees will be able to search and navigate through the screens and be able to customize the look of the application to suit their personal preferences.

The ABS users are participating in training as well, learning about navigation and functionality. Rusty began Administration training and we have our first look at some converted data. Gene Ehli, ABS conversion programmer assigned to PRECO’s project, has converted a majority of our administrative/setup data.

We expect to see data in May for both ABS and CC&B and the navigation training will prepare our users to be able to navigate iVUE® when we begin data validation.

Channon and Tracy are busy analyzing and converting our data for CC&B. We’ve received a number of emails from Channon with questions confirming how data should translate to iVUE® and data that needs to be corrected in our current system. Both parties are aware of how critical clean data is for conversion and between our data cleanup initiative and the analysis Channon and Tracy are performing we anticipate a good data for Go Live.

Our servers are operational, scrub data is loaded and the iVUE® client is deployed to the desktops. Ron Zachary and Shauna Salvino, PRECO business analysts, started setting up user security and the system will be available in inquiry mode for our users to practice what they learned in training.

We’ve started planning for Go Live even though it is months out. Data will be pulled for the Go Live conversion and our system will be unavailable for several days until we are live on iVUE®. Our current payment system will be turned off during the transition and members will have to setup new credit card drafts and re-enroll in paperless billing. We will need to conduct business with our members during this transition and we are developing operational procedures in order to do so.

We are also developing a communication plan to notify our members of the enhancements coming their way. Our members will see a new bill, experience an enhanced member portal, and have new methods to conduct business with PRECO. With all the additional work related to the project our employees are enthusiastic and ready for our next phases of the project.