Fortunately for us, November and December were more about strategic planning with regards to implementation preparation. Thankfully, this allowed us to focus on our friends and family as well as some good college football. As the holidays approached and college football entered a new era, the College Football Playoff, we were developing a playbook of our own for our implementation teams.

Here at PRECO, a lot of smack talk goes on among the Seminole, Gator and Tiger fans and declarations of “Ohio State won’t beat Alabama” were spoken. Ohio State thankfully, put those naysayers to rest not only beating Alabama but defeated Oregon to take home the national championship trophy. We are equally thankful that we don’t have to worry about a lot of smack talk when it comes to our implementation as we have a plan in place on how to work best with NISC to meet our needs.

The holidays are over, college football is done for the season and we are now going by our implementation playbook, we are on track with our training and making preparations for our project. While we don’t go live until July with Accounting (ABS) and in October with Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), there’s a lot of upfront work being done by several hard-working, dedicated people on this project. We are rolling along and ready for NISC’s first onsite visit, scheduled for the end of January.

We have two lead project managers, one dedicated to ABS and another to CC&B. This way we can focus on specific needs for each group and meet employee needs. Carol Braxton, PRECO’s ABS project manager completed the ABS analysis questionnaire and is ready for our upcoming visit. Veronica Fabila, PRECO’s CC&B project manager, is also completing the CC&B analysis documents in preparation for analysis trips.

Needless to say, between the results of college football wins and being able to prepare in advance for our implementation—it’s going to be a very happy New Year!